Wood shake Siding

A wide variety of modern, convenient, and practical materials dramatically simplifies and facilitates the routine repair of your home. Among this variety, there are many different products for the exterior decoration of buildings, among which it is worth highlighting wooden siding.

The popularity of cladding a house with wooden siding is due not only to its attractive appearance but also to the functional features of this finishing material. A place finished with such material imitates a wooden building or a log house and allows you to save on constructing an actual wooden house.

Log houses continue to be popular in Vineland today and at a rapid pace. There was even a tiny trend in their growth. It is due to the appearance of many people who want to purchase wood siding. People are attracted to houses made of wood not only by their reasonable cost but also by their dignity.

Advantages of wood shake siding

  • Higher level of environmental friendliness. A house sheathed with wooden siding breathes and creates a healthy and favorable atmosphere for its residents.

  • The ability to save on heating resources. As probably many people know, wood has a low thermal conductivity, which, in turn, allows you to retain heat in the room for a long time.

  • Surprisingly, the advantage of wooden houses is durability. Properly designed roofing, reliable insulation of the foundation from moisture, and special impregnation of the wooden components of the house significantly extend their service life, which reaches several tens of years.

  • Small monetary costs for construction, resulting in a relatively low final price. Wood, as a material, is much cheaper for the developer than, for example, brick, and the construction itself does not require the involvement of heavy equipment and a lot of workers.

  • There are no special requirements for the foundation. Wooden houses are relatively light and therefore do not require a reinforced foundation, nor are they afraid of its shrinkage.

  • Ease of internal and external processing. A unique frame is not required to fasten any material to a tree. For example, when finishing the walls of a wooden house with siding or plasterboard, there will be no need to prepare the base (crate). And to fix the same shelf or wall cabinet, all you need is a hammer and nails.

  • Harmonious and aesthetic appearance. Against the background of the forest and nature, such houses look fabulous, please the eye and cause a storm of positive emotions.

  • Durability - correctly installed siding guarantees its service for up to 50 years;

  • Cost-effectiveness - an excellent price-quality ratio. Cladding a house with siding depends on the properties of the selected material, so it is better to entrust this process to professionals - despite its apparent simplicity, installation requires specialized knowledge.

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Cleanliness. We clean up the area ourselves after finishing the installation work.

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