Stucco Removal

While renovating your home or making changes to the exterior, there may come a time when you need to remove stucco from the walls and roof. Stucco removal may seem like a daunting task because of the material’s consistency and volume. But worry not, we have a team of professionals that is just right for the job! Though stucco removal may not be rapid, it is pretty simple and can be done by professionals. Render removal can sometimes be challenging because of its consistency which is composed of a concrete blend. Since this concrete blend is designed to last a long time, render removal will require manual labor to remove it with perfection.

stucco removal process

Why Should You Get Stucco Removal Done Professionally?

Stucco is one of the most beautiful materials to be used on your house’s exterior. Its different colors and styles give a stunning outlook to your building. But, all that beauty comes with a price! If your stucco’s installation is faulty or the material is substandard and cheap, it can leak and grow mold. Your house can undergo a lot of damage if stucco removal is not done professionally.

How do we fix a Stucco Leak Problem?

If your house is going through a render leak, you need to undergo stucco removal by our company. Following are some steps that our team follows for a successful procedure

  • Identifying the Issue

    We notice the problem correctly before performing any task or repair work.

  • Fixing the Damage

    We remove the damaged render materials and appliances. This step includes removing surfaces that have mold and moisture.

  • Checking Your Furniture

    A stucco leak can also damage your doors and windows. This will also help protect door frames and window panels as well.

  • Rewrapping Your House

    After fixing all the issues and removing render, we successfully rewrap your home with new material or render again if you prefer.

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